Christ Church Purchasing Policy 1. The Eco Procurement Policy must always be borne in mind. 2. Petty cash claims may be made for up to £25 if accompanied by receipt. The Administrator can authorise such claims by their signature. 3. Expenditure over £25 must be accompanied by an Instruction To Pay form or Request For Reimbursement form (“claim form”) and authorised by two Church Officers (“authorisers”). Church Officers who can authorise are: Church Wardens, Treasurer, Administrator, and Vicar. 4. Authorisation and quotes required: a. £25-£50 : No pre-authorisation required - notified via a claim form and then signed-off by two of the five authorisers; b. £50-£200 : Approval by one authoriser needed in advance by signature or retained email and subsequently signed-off by two of the five authorisers; c. £200-£1000 : One quotation, written or verbal, to be approved in advance by two of the five authorisers; d. £1000-£2000 : Two written quotations and approval by two of the five authorisers (including at least one Church Warden); e. £2000-£10000 : Two written quotations and approval by the PCC (or, if not possible within the timeframe, then by the Standing Committee); f. Above £10000 (including VAT) : Three written quotations and approval by the PCC (or, in an emergency, by the Standing Committee). 5. The FYCM worker can purchase items within their approved and published budget without prior approval. Their purchases will be reviewed and authorised subsequent to purchase by two of the five authorisers. 6. Where possible, church members should not be using their own money to regularly purchase items for church. To this purpose: a. the FYCM Worker will be supplied with Amazon vouchers to make purchases from their budget. All invoices will be kept and filed when their Amazon balance needs topping up. Amazon voucher top-ups will be approved by two of the five authorisers. b. the Alpha Lead Caterer and Seedlings Lead Caterer will be supplied with supermarket vouchers to make purchases. All receipts will be kept and filed when their supermarket voucher balance needs topping up. Voucher top-ups will be approved by two of the five authorisers. c. The Catering Team have their own petty cash and are encouraged to use this rather than their own funds and then reimbursement. 7. For major maintenance work (over £500) where it is helpful to have a supplier who understands our equipment (e.g. boiler repairs, electrical systems work, etc.) a list of suppliers has been established by the Standing Committee. Purchases should be made from this list of suppliers wherever possible and additional quotes are not needed. cont… 8. All quotes must be retained for one year and filed in the Church Office. 9. In exceptional circumstances, a reduction in the number of quotes to be obtained can be agreed by the PCC if there is a limited choice of supplier, Diocesan recommendation, or multiple quotes have previously been sourced for similar work. 10. When dealing with suppliers, potential conflicts of interest can sometimes arise. Church members may be employed by the supplier company or personal friendships may grow up over time. Such potential conflicts should be reported to the PCC as soon as they are identified. They will not normally prevent trading with the company concerned but it is in everyone's interests to ensure transparency. Those PCC members with a conflict of interest should declare it and withdraw from any decision around appointing a supplier. 11. This policy document should be freely available and drawn to the attention of all to whom it applies. 12. This Policy document should be reviewed by the PCC every two years. Date of last review: PCC Meeting May 2023 Date of next review: PCC Meeting May 2025