Chris Cole - ReaderDear Friends, As I write this in early November there are groups of people camping out in tents in various prominent places all over the world. Apparently they are protesting about.......
well I'm not quite sure what.  I think it's all got something to do with the frustration many of us feel when the, so called, “fat cat” bankers seem to keep on getting richer while the rest of us are feeling the pinch and as tax payers suspect we may be paying for it.

Due to one camp being outside St Paul's Cathedral, the church has got itself involved in the arguments about the rights and wrongs of capitalism.  To some extent the system thrives because of human greed but it is also a system that can serve us well if practised with honesty, for the common good of everyone and not just the benefit of a few.  Their banners say “What would Jesus do?”  A question, I suspect, we cannot answer without much prayer.

We must however be careful in any criticism.  It is very easy for those of us in relatively modest means to look over the fence at the “disgustingly” rich and cry unfair!  But should we ever manage to get to the other side of the fence would we still cry unfair?

Christianity may not be very fashionable these days as a belief that can speak into our every day lives.  But God lays down many ethical and moral guidelines in the Bible for us humans, maybe we should all take a little more notice of them.

I don't know if the campers will all pack up and go home for Christmas.  Whether they do or not I would like to wish them all a very happy Christmas and I wish the same to all of you.

I also pray you might find peace with God in the new year whether you are prosperous or not. Chris Cole