Jeff Morgan - ReaderWe are now well into the vacancy period.  This interregnum is a new experience for many of us and offers an experience for growth in our following of the Lord Jesus Christ. Earlier this year, at the PCC Away day, Geoff Hobden suggested Philippians 2 verse 2 as an ideal to aim at. ‘Then make my joy complete by being like minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and purpose.’ This verse could be a battle flag to muster ourselves around during the Vacancy. However, we are not clones.  Praise God we are not all ‘same-minded’ but we can be likeminded.  Of course people disagree about various issues, particularly when they are overburdened and under stress, again we often see matters in different ways.   Nevertheless if we do disagree may it always be with the same mutual love ready to apologise or perhaps to explain more clearly, for we are all to act as one in spirit and purpose.  May our united aim be to proclaim the ‘crown rights of the Redeemer.’

Many congregations have found that one of the positive results of a Vacancy is that quiet people discover they have skills.  However, often some are shy about offering these and need to be reassured and encouraged by us.   Teamwork Cartoon - Gordon WaddingtonIan Coffey explained at ‘Bible Week’ that one of the key elements in a missional Church is teamwork.   Paul tells us that Christians ‘are all members of the Body of Christ’ and we should be playing our part just like the different units of the human body working for the good of the whole.  I wonder if there is a job that you could assist with?  Many of our groups are over-stretched and would value your support.  Please think and pray about whether you might be able to offer your help. Yours through grace alone,

Jeff Morgan (Reader)