This is my first Blog article on the revamped Christ Church Website.

May I firstly thank those who have worked hard to bring this new site into fruition.  We look forward to seeing the many benefits of this internet technology.

I almost feel that I need to apologise that there is a chunk on finance in the magazine (and on our website news page), but in fact, it is something which is vital in both a practical and spiritual sense, so please read and respond as the Lord leads. I have been drawn recently to consider in the Scriptures, the way that Jesus responds to requests for help, especially when it comes to physical healing.

His response varies considerably.  If you remember, when it came to the illness of Lazarus, he delayed and Lazarus died.  On other occasions he asks questions before acting.  Sometimes he gives instructions and at other times says nothing.  He heals at a distance or physically touches the person, and when he saw the funeral procession and the grief of the mother, he responded with no request made at all.

So there is no set pattern, and it seems that Jesus was meeting each situation with an eye to ministering, not just to those who were ill, but to those who were asking on their behalf.

Although the Gospels record many miracles of healing, we have no reason to believe that, as a result, no-one was ill at all!

We also need to remember that Jesus healed as part of His message of Gods love.  The miracles, reinforced his words and were a teaching aid.  All of which leads us to be cautious in expecting the same to happen today.  Within the context of some recorded healing events, the fact remains that most do not experience miraculous healings.

Broken ankles/legs/arms take 6 weeks in plaster.  Infections usually respond to antibiotics, pain to painkillers.  More serious illnesses can result in death.

None of this changes the fact that God can and sometimes does heal, but neither does it change the fact that God will help us through the pain and grief.  Ultimately we have to trust Him and the bigger picture which only He sees.