We seem to be getting an increasing number of incidents recently hitting the headlines suggesting that Christians are being marginalised in this country, and in some cases penalised, for openly showing their allegiance to Jesus Christ. Some of the incidents have gone before the courts and there are some now waiting to go to the European Court of Human Rights. I wouldn't wish to comment on any individual cases without knowing all the facts, which I don't. However some seem to involve the simple fact of wearing a small cross and the suggestion that this is now unacceptable in certain situations. We all know we live in a multi faith society and have to be tolerant of one another, so what about tolerance for Christians?

Maybe it's time for more of us in the silent majority to start showing where we stand and wearing a simple and discreet cross. Not as fashion jewellery but as a simple statement of what we believe. I wouldn't want to encourage anyone to be deliberately provocative. On the contrary if we are asked by an employer, or anyone else to remove our cross in a certain situation then I think we should comply, but put it back on as soon after as we can. Jesus didn't argue with the civil authorities, his disagreements were with the leaders of his own faith who were leading people the wrong way.

Just think if there were hundreds of people around Weston all wearing their crosses what impact it could have. There are hundreds of people who attend churches every Sunday in the town so why couldn't there be hundreds wearing crosses?

Let's clear the Life Book shop and their suppliers out of crosses and show that we are not ashamed of our faith and just maybe it will give us the opportunity to start a few conversations to explain the person behind the cross symbol, Jesus Christ who died on one, but rose again.

Chris Cole

More at: notashamedofthecross.org.uk/