Care for the Family - Time Out For Parents


17th April - 22nd May 2018

Sessions for anyone parenting children under five

For more information and to book a place...

Contact Nicky Boardman via the Church Office

on 01934 641016 Monday - Friday 8:30am - 12:30pm

or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(Look out for more Positive Parenting Courses coming later in the year....)

Have a look at the table at the back of church (near the children's play area) - It's full of resources and ideas for families to do together at home over the season of Lent. 

There's ideas for all ages....

including GodVenture sticker books, Holy Week Boxes, Journey through Lent booklets, Love Life Live Lent booklets and AD'LENT' Calendars for our local Foodbank.



The day after Remembrance Sunday Mr Rod Crocker gave a talk to the Christ Church Ladies Group about the research that had been done into the names on our war memorials.

It is so easy to look at a 1st or 2nd World War memorial and only see a collection of names but Mr Crocker brought many of these names alive to us. Much research has been carried out by Rod and John Hinchliffe into the names on both memorials and many have been traced back to their home addresses in the parish.

Much of the war service of these men has been discovered. Several of the men were injured in battle but later succumbed to pneumonia. One had only been married for two weeks when he was killed.

The research is ongoing but booklets on the work so far are available to view at the church.

Issue 3                                                                                                                                                                  October 2017

                    The Work Begins


We now have a planned start date for the Spire repairs and the AV update.

For the Spire repair, work will start in the week commencing 23rd Oct with the removal of the top gate post to allow the contractor vehicle access. Then, on 3rd Nov, the scaffolders will move in. It will take about 4 weeks to erect the scaffolding before the stone masons can start. The work will then take about 6 months to complete.

Pedestrian access will be maintained to both church doors at all times, but please be careful during the working week when contractors are on site. There will be NO walk way around the tower so access to the Spire Centre and main entrance will only be from the road at the top gate.

From the time the scaffolders start, there will be no parking spaces available in the church grounds during the week and probably only two on weekends. With the difficulty in finding spaces in Montpelier anyway, we appreciate this will cause problems for some people. We would encourage any who can to consider walking or cycling to church and, where possible, arranging car shares; this has the added benefit of being more environmentally friendly as well. However, we would not wish anyone to be unable to come to Sunday services because they could not park. We are therefore looking to set up a limited “Park and Ride” scheme for those who have significant mobility problems. Details of this can be obtained from Colin Winser or Chris Cole. We would stress that this is not for the convenience of those who are perfectly able to walk but for those more particularly where the driver has mobility problems.

We realise this will create a situation where there will be a lot of stopping to drop off. We would encourage anyone dropping or collecting people to come down the hill which will hopefully prevent too many bottlenecks.

This is a necessary inconvenience and we will keep the situation under review as the work progresses. Hopefully, we can all work together in a loving and cooperative way.

The upgrading of our AV system is planned to take place immediately after Christmas starting on 3rd January. This should take about 2 weeks to complete.

We are being good stewards in maintaining the building we worship in, both for ourselves and for future generations.

If you have queries or questions about any of this, please speak to Chris or Doug.

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As all of you know, I expect, we've been having a weekend of prayer, yesterday especially, when the church was open, we had a big presentation in church a couple of weeks ago, and the idea was people could come in and pray and there was an opportunity to give yesterday, and to give this morning.

After the morning service, slightly like a cat on a hot tin roof, I put my head around the office door to ask how it was going, thinking they would be near the total, and they were still opening and counting envelopes.  At one point I thought, why should there be so many envelopes, can't I just know the answer?!  Of course the fact is, it's good to have a number of envelopes!  We had 87 responses in total, which is brilliant.

Based on the cost estimates for repairing the spire and the revamp of the audio visual system, we calculated that we were looking for £50,000 from this appeal.

So far, at the end of this weekend, we have about £60,000. So Praise God!

There are a couple of people to thank... In particular, I would like to thank Dave and Helen for counting all the money and dealing with that.  It's quite a job dealing with all the details and interpreting everything, and getting the final number right.

Thanks to Chris Cole also for overseeing the times of prayer that we had particularly during yesterday's Gift Day.

We would want to thank the congregation - with that number of responses, and there's probably one or two more in the pipeline.  Its been a team effort, it's not been that one person has written a big cheque.  I am very, very thankful myself, to the whole of the Christ Church congregation, obviously we will be saying this again tomorrow at the APCM. 

But most of all, thank you to God! Because it is His work. He is the one who inspired the work  here 150 years ago, when fundraising had to put this building up, he is the one who is with us now, and he will continue to do his work - of that we can be confident. We don't always know what God is up to, but we know it's good.

And so for this particular milestone, on Christ Church's journey, a bit like we were doing at Emmanuel not long ago, we are saying a big thank you to God because we feel that this is a really important building.  We know its about the people and God's family, but actually, this building doesn't half point people to God.

This is a brilliant witness, not only to us in reminding us what God is like, but its a fantastic statement to the whole of Weston-super-Mare that God is in business and there are people worshipping Him.  We think He's fantastic! That spire points to heaven.  People have compared it to the biblical 'City on a hill' shining out to the surrounding area.

With that in mind, I'd like to invite you to join with me in this Easter response that fits in with where we are. It says that He has made US lights to the world.  The point is, we shine out God to others.  It's an amazing thought isnt it, that we shine out?  In that sense, the building too witnesses to the whole of Weston.

Isn't that fantastic, that God is alive and is working... and the results of this appeal confirm that! There is lots of work to do in so many other areas, but we can give thanks to God for this part of our journey.    

'Alleluia, Christ is Risen, He is risen indeed,  Alleluia.

Praise the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.  
He has given us new life and hope.  He has raised Jesus from the dead. 

God has claimed us as His own.
He has brought us out of darkness.  He has made us lights to the world.

'Alleluia, Christ is Risen, He is risen indeed,  Alleluia.

And the people said - Amen!

Rev Tom Webber

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